Made To Order [MTO] Batch Update


We want to increase transparency and communication of deliveries and any potential delays.
When you make place an order, we’ll send you emails with what Made To Order Batch your order will be part of, and be giving weekly updates on the status of each Made To Order Batch, including:

  • When your Made To Order Batch has entered production
  • When your Made To Order Batch is being packaged
  • When your Made To Order Batch is being fulfilled, and waiting on pickup!

    MTO Expectations are still 4 weeks or more depending on supply chain factors.

Made to Order [MTO] Batch Update

Whew. 2022 still hitting hard, and supply chains still be... really delayed. At this point we’ve kind of gotten to assuming that we need to add a minimum of 35% of time to any particular quoted time on supply lead times, and then add additional days on trucking/delivery as well. Any delivery schedule seems more like a suggestion rather than a rule, and even paying for “guaranteed deliveries” don’t help.

We receive our supplies in batches as well, which makes it difficult when there’s enough for some orders, but not others, which can then cause errors in the fulfillment program we’re using, which leads to more time spent on correcting those errors, and then hidden errors, and...

Well, let’s just say that systems designed a while ago aren’t keeping up with the agility needed for the modern era. While we can’t modify the source code of the fulfillment program, we certainly can make internal system checks and changes to compensate.

That’s where the Made To Order (MTO) process gets an update: If our materials are now arriving in batches, and we produce flavors in batches, then attempting to keep a continuous flow process just leads to inevitable frustrations for everyone involved.

Instead, we’ll be changing our backend system to a batching process instead, which allows us to more effectively manage and communicate the status of everyone’s order, and keep weekly updates to everyone. We’ll be temporarily suspending LQ from all currently sold normal products to facilitate this process as well.

As much as we wish we could get everything on time, the hard truth of today’s reality is that nothing is predictable. While we can’t change the consistency of supply chains, we want to do everything we can to try and more easily communicate exactly what’s going on with orders, and so we’ll be implementing this proactive Made To Order Batch process so that everyone can be informed when their orders enter production, packaging, fulfillment, and more!

-Tim Zheng, CEO/Founder


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  • It appears to me like you don’t have much of a ‘customer service’ department because people are asking about their order here in the comment section of a page giving the reason why customers should expect delays on their order. So either you didn’t explain the order delays very well (which I believe you did after reading this page AND seeing it right on the products pages too) OR customers can’t easily contact you ‘customer support’ departs very easily because it’s not totally obvious to them….. I see THREE CUSTOMERS ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT ORDERS HERE AND NO ONE (and NO WAY to) ADDRESSING THEM… this is BAD…
    - I ALSO see some SPAM about a PORNOGRAPHIC WEBSITE that OBVIOUSLY does NOT belong here and has been there for AT LEAST 10 days now…. that is BAD. someone NEEDS TO be addressing the SPAM on the comment section DAILY and ALSO CONTACTING THESE CUSTOMERS (through the EMAIL address they HAVE TO give in order to post) because they CLEARLY don’t know where to go to address any issues with their order……. THIS IS BAD.
    -- You would THINK that a company that charges ABOUT $10 FOR A CUP OF INSTANT RAMEN that seems to do their business SOLELY ON THE INTERNET, would have PLENTY OF MONEY to HIRE someone to READ THE COMMENTS once in a while and FIX the LACK of CUSTOMER SUPPORT Drop-Down Menus and actually SUPPORT YOUR CUSTOMERS.
    (and MAYBE you could have a LESS EXPENSIVE OPTION for people to TRY YOUR FOOD PRODUCT before spending an ENTIRE WORKDAY’S PAY (after taxes and federal minimum wage it would be MORE THAN A DAY’S WORK) on some INSTANT NOODLES that they may not even like…. So just offer a a one time opportunity to buy just ONE PACK of their choice… it’s not like you can HIDE the fact that your Instant Ramen is 1000% more expensive than what is sold in the Super Market, so you’re gonna HAVE TO sell them with the TASTE AND QUALITY of your product, and MOST PEOPLE aren’t willing to RISK $50 on TRYING some SOUP they might not even like…. but $15 or $20 ??? That’s MUCH easier for the public to swallow (no pun intended…. wait, nvm.. yea I guess that was intended lol)
    - PERSONALLY I REALLY want to try Vite Ramen.. I honestly do… but I do NOT have enough income to gamble on something that I can just spend ONE TENTH the money on and they both do the same thing – fill me up. (YES I KNOW it’s not about filling you up, it’s more about ENJOYING the food your eating, your BODY enjoying what you’re eating, and your SCALE enjoying you after you’re done eating…. and your heart, liver, and gut too lol)
    So give us poor folk an option to spend a little less just to try it out. You WILL see more sales, I PROMISE… if regular people want ‘gourmet’ Ramen then they’re gonna go to a restaurant… they have NEVER had QUALITY Instant Ramen before here in the States, so they are TOTALLY SKEPTICAL of someone selling it with a 10-fold increase…(ESPECIALLY from a site with a FAKE “So-and-So just bought 10 packs of Pork Tonkatsu” – we ALL know it’s fake… so get rid of it… it makes you look like a scam site more interested in collecting your data and selling THAT.. the noodle sales are means to an end… but I KNOW you guys aren’t, it just APPEARS that way)
    - Sorry for being so Blunt and Honest. You were recommended by a site that I trust and value their opinion on, so I want to see you succeed. Because a friend of a friend is still a friend of mine. I DOUBT you will read this anytime soon, but I figured I would say it all anyway. HOPEFULLY you take my suggestions seriously and it helps your sales :)
    BUT if you ONLY do one thing, you MUST remove that porn spam comment…. I REALLY thought it was part of the site because the comments are in the same font and it’s not obviously that “5 comments” means they are user/customer comments.. I thought it was something like ‘5 comments from the founder of Vite Ramen" or something like that… it’s just not obvious until you realize the porn is spam and that it IS a comment section for users… THIS IS BAD.

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