This Will Not Solve/Your Neurodivergence.
But it helped me.

From the makers of Vite Ramen: the #1 Edible Food Kickstarter ever funded

 Maybe it can help you, too.

CONTENT WARNING: Contains Flashing Light

I have adhd.

What was it again? You struggle to remember. It was right there, just about to tumble across your lips when it dissipated.  Even the idea has dissipated into a haze, slipping through as you desperately grasp at the nothingness that refuses to coalesce.

"You never listen."

You're doing it wrong again.  That's what they're telling you.  You forgot to eat, and then, you ate too much, and you couldn't stop, fixated on this new flood of dopamine,  this new thing that threatens to disappear the moment you stop eating it, so you must have more, and more, and more and you feel a bit sick and you're full but its been the only thing that's given you that rush of sensation, the normalcy and happiness that you think other people must feel all the time and--- 

I have Anxiety.

They’re judging you, aren’t they? They hated it. You said something wrong. They aren’t responding, they’re taking forever, why do they take so long to respond? Your mouth is dry, and you try to remember to relax, to breathe, but your chest continues to constrict, your throat tightens, and--

Finally. You see them typing. They’ve seen it, at least, and... It’s stopped. 

Thoughts crowd your mind. Unwanted. Intrusive. Ever-present. You don’t want to think these thoughts, but your mind shows you them anyway, every way things can go wrong, every way things can turn against you, everything you can’t afford to lose.

It’s only been a few seconds.

It feels like an eternity. And to your mind, working at blistering speeds to spiral all the ways things can go wrong around you, it is.

i Have Depression.

Sometimes, and more often than you care to admit, you don’t brush your teeth. Or shower. Or simply, even get out of bed.

You don’t take care of yourself. It doesn’t feel worth it to-- Why would you, to someone like you? Your self-deprecating thoughts mock every attempt you make at correcting your course. You don’t want to fall deeper into this muddied, foggy chasm, and yet, the mute, dull nothingness of laying there, staring into the empty depths of your eyelids seems comfortable, tantalizing somehow, a better option than facing the world and all the responsibility that’s only grown and piled up since.

It hurts. You crave... something. Imperceptible, nebulous, fleeting. Gone in the exhaustion that’s so thick that it chokes your being, clogs your throat and stuffs your chest full of tepid indifference.


Food? Nutrition? Healthy?
That's for people who don't drain themselves every day just fighting to feel normal

Nutrition Must/Be Supportive.


We are not/All The Same.

We are not/All The Same.

We are not/All The Same.


You're not failing if you don't like kale.

You're not broken if you can't get vegetables in every meal.



Your chest constricts and your throat tightens up. You physically cannot eat without feeling nauseous, and yet, you’re exhausted, spent.

The gut produces 95% of your body’s serotonin, the happy chemical, but not just any food keeps it functioning well, and the foods with the most fiber also tend to be the ones hardest to eat.

Nanoboost Vitality: Vitality Drinks designed to be hydrating, nutritious, and deliver functional, soothing compounds to combat stress and anxiety, along with ample amounts of prebiotic fiber to retain liquids and feed good gut flora for good gut health.

>Creation/Patch Notes<


-L-Theanine, anti-anxiety, anti-jitters
-L-Tyrosine, anti-stress, brainfog removal
-5g prebiotic fiber per serving
-Range of flavors, from subtle to sweet tooth


Watermelon Kiwi
White Strawberry Yuzu
Sunset Citrus



Rock bottom. A bedrock, a low point, a relief that we’ve stopped falling. Worn down to the bone, we crawl upwards from that same unyielding structure, and start again.

Encouraging, uplifting, stirring something within. From the base, we begin anew.

Nanoboost Base: A warm, nourishing broth, rich and heartwarming, or pockets of flavor and nutrition to mix. A slow, nutritious introduction to savor food again, from when you have nothing left to give.

>Creation/Patch Notes<

-Nourishing bone broths, rich in protein and collagen
-Plant-based options with plant-based proteins
-Deeply flavored, distinctive sauces
-Utilize like furikake, and sprinkle onto rice
-Mix into noodles for instant sauce and nutritional boost


Beef Bourguignon
Lemongrass Chicken
Boneless Shiitake



Nutrition isn’t one or zero. It’s iterative and additive, a puzzle that you can fit together, piece by piece.

But a puzzle, nonetheless, one where the world tells you your comfort foods don’t fit.

Nanoboost v2.0: A tasteless powder that merges seamlessly with your comfort foods.

No pills to swallow. Properly dosed with bioavailable nutrition, so even when you can’t find it in yourself to eat what they say you should, you can still get your nutrients.

>Creation/Patch Notes<

-Reduction of mass of v1.0
-Lower flavor occlusion than v1.0
-High impact, high density nutrition
-Extreme versatility in all food
-Fully and easily recyclable metal container

Full Stats/Nutrition FActs.

Full Stats/

Nutrition FActs.

>Work In Progress/Subject To Change<

Preview/Kickstarter Rewards.


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