Nutritional peace of mind in just 3 minutes.

Imagine mealtimes where all your bases are covered: every vitamin, every mineral, every macronutrient. An entire meal's nutrition with high protein, created with science, and made with living wages.

27 Vitamins and Minerals

Every. Single. One. 27 micronutrients in bioavailable forms, easily absorbed to power you through the day.

31g Complete Protein

Hit your fitness goals. With more protein than a 4oz ribeye steak in every serving, it's like packing a protein shake in every packet.

Made with living wages.

Living wages for our employees, ethical business practices and transparency with our customers. Made in the USA.

9g Prebiotic Fiber

Stay pleasantly full all day. Vite Ramen is a meal that you can feel good about eating anytime.

Small business.

Big dreams. Made by us.

Each individual noodle brick is made in the facility we built ourselves. Made right in the USA by our own hands, and with respect for our employees.

Living Wages

Mental Health Days



Made in the USA

I've had 3 packs already this week and they're delicious. If anybody is on the fence about ordering, do it. It's pricier than the standard instant ramen you're used to, but wayyyy more filling and full of real flavor instead of just being a bowl of salt water.   -Chris P.                   


Did you know

your body needs:










Yeah we've got that. And more. But what's the use of all of these if they aren't absorbed by your body?

Supplements can use cheap forms that look good on the label but don't absorb well. We made sure we used bioavailable forms that actually get to work in your body!

Know you're getting everything.

Get the peace of mind that only complete nutrition can bring. Have a meal that's nutritious, delicious, and fast -- and also made in the USA with living wages.

We're proud of our ramen, and hope you can join us in making the future of food nutritious, delicious, and fast!

6 Pack Sampler includes 6 full meals:

  • 3 Vegan White Miso
  • 3 Garlic Pork Tonkotsu
  • 3 Roasted Soy Sauce Chicken
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Vite Ramen priced?

Isn't ramen normally 30 cents?

How are shipping costs calculated?

Why do you add MSG?

Is Vite Ramen vegan/halal/guten free/low carb?

Is Vite Ramen organic?

Get a taste of what goes into each packet.

We're passionate about science, small business, and writing about it!

Tim's Fried Scallion and Toasted Soy Sauce Cold Noodles

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How does shipping work for small businesses?

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Why do we use MSG in Vite Ramen?

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