Limited Edition Essentials Bundle - Save 10%!

Limited Edition Essentials Bundle - Save 10%!

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So you’ve already stocked up on Vite Ramen, but you feel like you're missing that something in your collection. This is the bundle for you! Upgrade your tableware with our high quality, handmade thermochromatic bowl and hooked ramen spoon. Our bowl is perfectly sculpted into the right size for optimum Vite Ramen consumption, and our spoon is developed with just the right amount of soup per scoop ratio. The shirt provides a comfy and stylish way to let your friends know you’re eating healthy ramen the top of the line utensils!

This bundle includes:

1 Handmade Limited Edition Thermochromatic Ceramic Bowl

1 Limited Edition DNA Tee

1 Hooked Ramen Spoon