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[LQ] 9 Pack - Massaman Curry
[LQ] 9 Pack - Massaman Curry

[LQ] 9 Pack - Massaman Curry

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A thick, creamy curry infused with toasted coconut cream and seasoned with savory, umami-rich shrimp paste and fish sauce, this new take on Vite Ramen delivers a spicy, aromatic unlike any other before it. Every bite is punctuated with a complex blend of spices like Ceylon Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Cumin, Kashmiri Chili, and more, punctuating the rich history of the dish and the collaboration of the sci-fi nerds who worked together to make it.

Read more about how this flavor came to be here!

This bundle includes:
  • 9x Massaman Curry
  • FREE Vite Ramen Logo Sticker
  • FREE Send Noods Sticker

Allergens Include:
Wheat, Crustacean shellfish, Fish, Tree nuts (coconut)