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Naked Noods - 12 Pack
Naked Noods - 12 Pack
Naked Noods - 12 Pack
Naked Noods - 12 Pack
Naked Noods - 12 Pack
Naked Noods - 12 Pack

Naked Noods - 12 Pack

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Introducing Naked Noods!

Introducing Naked Noods. A picture of stacked noodle bricks.

Each order contains (2) packs containing 6 Naked Noodes for a total of 12 noodle bricks!

High in protein and dietary fiber, and based on our legendary Vite Ramen noodles. These noodles pack in your gains, keep you pleasantly full and are ready in just 3 minutes.

We’re making a limited edition variation of our Vite Ramen Noodles available for everyone who needs some noods for their next homemade soup or noodle dish. Read more about why we decided to create Naked Noods here.

Like Vite Ramen, Naked Noods are made in the USA and utilize the same high quality ingredients with no compromises.

You can use these noodles to add protein and fiber for your next:

  • Homemade Ramen
  • Noodle Stir Fry
  • Cold Noodle Dish
  • And pretty much anything you’d need noodles for!





23g protein. Redefining noodle arms.

Like a protein shake in noodle form. Our proprietary flour blend packs in 23g protein per noodle brick, with additional amino acids to create a complete protein.


6g dietary fiber.

We pack more fiber in each brick of noodles than 2 cups of broccoli, keeping you fuller for longer. These noods can help keep you satisfied all day.


High protein noodles



Lifting noodles out of a bowl.



Want to see an example of cool things you can do with these?

Check out Tim’s fried scallion and toasted soy sauce cold noodle recipe here!



Frequently Asked Questions

How does Flat Rate Shipping Work?

Yep, Naked Noods will have flat rate shipping (for Naked Noods only orders)! Except, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, or in this case, true free shipping. The secret to all free or flat rate shipping, including ours, is that the shipping cost is included in the product price itself.

In previous discussions with our customers, we’ve noted how much it affects the perception and sales by displaying real shipping costs, and we’re at the point where it’s costing us quite a bit. We also get dozens of abusive messages about shipping, claiming that we’re trying to profiteer off of it instead of just passing along the costs we’re given by shipping companies, and having to read those messages every day definitely takes its toll on our mental health. Here’s a link to why we’ve done shipping costs the way we did.

To compromise, we’re going to be wrapping up the prices into the base cost of the product, but publishing the true cost of shipping in order to maintain transparency. We hope that will make the shipping costs easier to swallow, reduce abusive messages(and preserve our mental health), and still maintain our goal of staying transparent!

What's in each package?

Each Naked Noods 12 pack comes with 12 Vite Ramen noodle cakes.

Are Naked Noods vegan/halal/gluten free/low carb?

    • Naked Noods can be considered vegan and to the best of our understanding, halal. However, it should also be noted that it is not certified halal/kosher. We would love to consider gluten free and low carb variants in the future once we’re able to have more room and new machines to make them. We want to be proud of our noodles, so we stick to strict quality standards!

Are Naked Noods organic?

No, just like Vite Ramen, Naked Noods are not organic.

Nutritional Information